Galatians 3:24. “Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.”

I love this verse, maybe because I was a teacher, and still am teaching in a different setting than the classroom.

The Greek word  here for schoolmaster is paidagogos, which gives us our word pedagogue. The paidagogos was a servant whose job it was to care for the children as a guardian.  One of his jobs was to take the children back and forth to school.  He wasn’t a professional teacher, but he made sure the children in his charge were being schooled, and, as I understand it,  also reviewed their lessons and helped them in memorization of the Law.

Once the children in the family reached the age of becoming legal sons, official heirs of the father, they no longer needed a schoolmaster. It was something to be celebrated, a kind of coming of age.

Once Jesus came, once His sacrifice was made, we were no longer under the authority of a schoolmaster. We were set free, by grace through faith, to become joint-heirs with Jesus Christ to all that heaven has to offer.

Think about that!

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