Three-day quote challenge:


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  1. myrapawleys

    Thanks be to God for this post. I don’t know exactly what this challenge is, but feel I must respond to this quote. Satan knows nothing new. He must take what God has created and use it for his own purposes. It has been so since the beginning of time-since the fall of man and the curse God put on him and the first promise he made in Genesis 2:15 of the Saviour.
    Normal events that have and always will occur in life to avert us and turn our minds and thoughts away from the Best to the good will be his weapons. We spend our time therefore, caught up in humanitarian causes, political campaigns and earing. These are good things. Satan makes us see the need for them loudly and clearly.
    All along the road we neglect and do not see our need for and our relationship with our God and Saviour. That is The Best. If human hearts are not in tune with the heart of God, all the efforts we employ in the other areas of our lives are for naught.
    Our God is loving and kind. He created us. He loves us. He calls us by name.
    He is all knowing and all forgiving. He knows ever hair on our heads and every tear we have shed.
    He knows all of Satan’s plans and how they work. He wants us to see him for what he is-a liar and the father of lies.
    Our God gives us the power to make a choice. He wants us to see Him, choose Him, have a personal relationship with Him. He is our Father. He created us and gave us life. We give Him great joy.
    For one day, still the chaos in your mind. Hear God’s quiet. Listen. He speaks in many ways.
    Myra Dingle
    Pawleys Island, SC

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    1. Thank you, Myra. The Three-Day Quote Challenge has bee going around lately. Someone who is already doing it is supposed to nominate three other people to do it as well, and so it grows. I was challenged by Marva Seaton.

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      1. Well, like I said, someone who is already doing it nominates you, and then you post a quote on your blog for three days. You’re supposed to nominate three others to do the same. I can nominate you, if you’d like. I hesitate to nominate people, because not everyone wants to be bothered. If you’d like to participate, let me know.


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