God Accepteth No Man’s Person

Galatians 2:6. “But of these who seemed to be somewhat, (whatsoever they were, it maketh no matter to me: God accepteth no man’s person:) for they who seemed to be somewhat in conference added nothing to me.)

How could Paul Say what he did in this verse?  If I may paraphrase, he is saying, “I really don’t worry about these men who seemed to be such hot stuff; it doesn’t matter to me.  God is not impressed with our own boastfulness about how important we are.  Even though they seemed to be something during our conferences, they had nothing to add to what I know and preach!”

So who did he think He was?  After all, hadn’t he persecuted the church with great zeal?  And now here he comes, strutting his stuff as if God spoke to no one else but him!

Can’t you just imagine the huffing and puffing?  The Judaisers considered their doctrine and their importance to be great, because they were upholding the Law, the Torah, and tradition.  Sure, they said they believed in salvation by grace, but you still had to observe the Hebrew feasts and so on if you really wanted to be safe.

And now here comes this nobody, this upstart who wasn’t even a real apostle, telling them all that they were full of hot air.

How could he say they meant nothing to him?  Well, because the gospel he received was received directly from God, that’s why. It’s what made him a “real” apostle; along with the fact that he actually did see the risen Savior in his vision.  The other apostles in Jerusalem confirmed God’s hand of blessing on Paul, and accepted him as the real thing. And he was. No doubt about it.


2 thoughts on “God Accepteth No Man’s Person

  1. We actually need more men like Paul which could say boldly”… I didnot receive it from man neither was i taught it, i received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.” its beyond theological correctness, it requires revelation.

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