EMDR and Headaches

On Friday and Saturday, May 1 -2, I spent  a total of about 14 hours learning to  treat headaches, specifically migraines, using a combination of EMDR techniques and simple, but effective, manual compressions of the head. I won’t go into detail here because it would bore you unless you are an EMDR provider 🙂

A fairly quick search  did not yield any videos of the process, but I suspect that there will be some cropping up as time goes on and the therapy gains support.

Dr. Stephen Marcus is the main researcher, writer, and presenter of the EMDR process for treating headaches. His work is well-researched, but is new enough that there have not been reams of literature yet to document its efficacy. I will tell you that my own observation and personal experience, both receiving and administering the treatment, was pretty impressive.

What I really like about the treatment is that no medication is necessary.  Now, that doesn’t mean we advise a patient to stop taking precribed meds. It simply means we have learned a treatment that is effective without medication, in the same way that EMDR itself is effective without medication. EMDR has been around since the early 1980’s, and literally hundreds of studies support its efficacy.

The only down side of the weekend was my poor, aching back.  I’m thankful for the pain meds that made it possible for me to sit through the two days; and part of the time, with Dr. Marcus’ approval, I stood in the back of the room to give myself some relief.  Tomorrow I’m having an MRI to evaluate for a herniated disc.  I’ll be very relieved to  know exactly what’s wrong back there, and from what I understand, a herniated disc isn’t the horror these days that it used to be. Non-surgical interventions are pretty effective.

So that was my weekend.  This blog should be back to normal tomorrow, when I’ll continue posting  in the book of Galatians, and getting back to my Friday Counseling Issues.


6 thoughts on “EMDR and Headaches

  1. This has been sitting in my e mail box for quite a few days. Since sleep seems to be evading me presently, I decided to do some backlog reading. On this coming Friday I am schedule to see a kidney specialist. For some reason my kidney functions did a drastic drop in the last three months. In the meantime, doctor(s) told me NO anti inflammatory OTC medications. I have found my peppermint/eucalyptus combination of essential oils is fairly effective. Will delve into more research on this non mediation treatment for headaches. My knee full of arthritis is what keeps me wanting to swallow medications. I seem to be falling apart these last few months. Ouch! I don’t like it! Thank you for this information, Linda.

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