Whose Approval?

Galatians 1:10. “For do I now persuade men or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.”

In this next section, from verses 10-24, Paul defended his apostleship. Having to do so must have made him very sad.  He had ministered to the idolatrous Galatians, introducing them to the glorious gospel of salvation by grace through faith, releasing them from the bondage of idolatry.  They had heeded his teaching, and now, so soon after he left them, they were questioning his apostleship.

How fickle we are.   The Galatians had listened to false teachers, and now considered themselves as better, more informed, than Paul.

What did Paul mean when he said, “Do I now persuade men, or God?”  Obviously, it was God Whose approval he wanted. If he were trying to please man, he would not have been the servant of God. He would have been just another motivational speaker who went about his world gaining a following for himself.

That was not Paul’s heart.

Honestly, I have a huge question mark in my mind when I see a man promoting himself as someone who has “special, new understanding” of the Word of God.  I’ve lived long enough to see several of these charismatic, appealing, charming men who manage to gain a following of hundreds of thousands, only to see them plummet from the height of their fame to the basement of obscurity. I will not name names here, because it is not my purpose to castigate people.

We must not put our focus and our faith in any man. Rather, our focus needs to be Jesus Christ, and our faith in His shed blood and His resurrection.  Plus nothing.


4 thoughts on “Whose Approval?

  1. Anyone in Jesus Christ receives special messages on a daily basis. It is called wisdom, and that comes from our Heavenly Father alone.It isn’t an exclusive club for those who have the “special power”. Anyone who doesn’t preach Jesus Christ will fizzle..it’s just a matter of time. Good morning, Linda:)


  2. My friend, Katie, and I were talking about this topic last night: the “my” ministry sort of people. It is all God’s work and it needs to be left at that. Katie has just written a book, I visit the lonely and sometimes chronically sick people and bring them hope in Christ. It is not MINE, it is all HIS. Katie just wants people to be able to use her little Yellow Cat Tales to tell in devotionals, children’s work, etc. She says she has learned so much from a stray yellow cat that adopted her she just has to share! We look at Paul and think of what a mighty assignment he had, but if Paul could speak with us candidly, he would say, I just did what I thought God wanted me to do.

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