Beach Time!


This picture was taken last night by a sweet young girl who saw us taking pics of each other.  Love it. Looking forward to spending the whole morning out there, maybe longer, depending on weather.

We sat up late, past midnight last night, talking and talking.  Sometimes very serious, sometimes hilarious. Sometimes about God’s Word.  Popcorn, sweet tea.  We ate at a little place that had the best burgers ever.  Mine was called a Black and Bleu, I hated to see it come to an end 🙂

During the night Sunday night my hinky spasmodic back started tickling at me.  I had a really bad time with it back in January, and I didn’t want it to go full-blown.  So I called my doctor in Quakertown, and she faxed a script down here to a Walgreen’s.  Muscle relaxer.  What a blessing, slept like a baby last night and feeling much more normal this morning. Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

That’s one of the things we talked about last night. The computer, TV, cell phone, and so on can be used both for great evil and for great good.  We talked about how the character of our nation, as a whole, has weakened and allowed us to accept things as “normal” that we would never have accepted 50 years ago.

And yet, I’m so thankful for the freedom we still have on the internet to reach others with the gospel. As with anything else, there are choices to be made. We can choose to honor God, or we can choose to forget Him and pretend it doesn’t matter.

All three of us are grandmothers.  All three of us reared our kids during the 70’s and 80’s.  We’re watching our grandkids now. Some are in college, some approaching that age, some still in elementary or high school, some not quite old enough for school. Every one of them will be answerable to God for the choices made as they leave the nest and make their way into what I see as a very dangerous world for Christians.

Our President makes no bones about his scorn for Christianity and his love of a religion whose god requires  bloodshed. If Hillary wins in 2016, we’re going to be in just as much trouble as we are under Obama.

My friends and I all worry about the world our grandkids will have to deal with. Every generation since Adam and Eve has had that same concern, I think.  Mankind tends to spiral downward pretty fast from one generation to another.

What comforts me most is that, as a gospel song says, “I’ve read the back of the Book, and we win!”

And in just a few minutes, we’re going to winwinwin as we spend time enjoying God’s amazing creation of ocean, sun, sand, and breeze.



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