Friday Counseling Issues: Dream Career?

And finally, the last suggestion from Kathleen Duncan:

If you could choose any other career – talent, skill, and ability to do it would be given to you magically – what would it be and why?


Can’t you guess?  I’m in the Wannabe Writer’s Club 🙂

Why?  Well, because I have so much to say!  And of course, everything I have to say is of the utmost importance and would actually have the effect of changing the world if only people would pay attention!

No, seriously now.  Writing would definitely be my fourth–and final–career.  I’ve done the stay-at-homemom career (yes, it is TOO a career!), the teacher career, and the counselor career.  Still doing that one, actually.  I’d love to go out still busy doing something that has meaning and maybe some impact beyond my three-score years and ten.  Don’t we all wish for some kind of immortality?  That’s part of the reason we have children, I think.

I can’t remember when I didn’t enjoy the physical act of writing.  I loved writing assignments when I was in school.  Back in the days of ballpoint pens and notebooks, nothing gave me more pleasure than to be given the assignment of writing a story. All that clean paper to fill up with the pictures in my head?  That was just pure pleasure.

In high school, I was the first-page editor of the school newspaper.  That meant I got to do a good bit of writing, and I enjoyed that so much.  Part of my job was to go down to the print office in town where the paper was set up. This was back before computers, you know, and there was this wonderful inky room where a guy in an apron and a visored eye shade would actually put his tiny ittle blocks of letters  in trays from which he would magically put them in the order needed to reproduce the articles on my page of the paper. His hands moved so fast they blurred in my vision, and as far as I can remember he never made a mistake.  It was called typesetting.Then he woud set up his paper and run one copy, give it to me to proof, and of course it never needed corrections. I loved watching him work, loved the smell of the ink and even the dusty office he worked in. There was something magical about the whole process.  When I left, I knew that there would be a stack of fresh newspapers delivered to the school, and I had been a part of the process. Very cool.

The magic has never dimmed.  Other things have bumped it aside over the years.  Marriage, babies, working as a teacher, needing to look for a more lucrative job and fulfilling another lifelong interest in the field of counseling–all these have taken priority over my yen to write something substantive.

Now, I’m running out of excuses.  And I really am working on a project that I’m hoping to see through to publication someday.

I guess, though, that I really am a writer already.  After all, I write every day now.  This blog is my first priority, but I also love doing the daily prompts and an occasional random piece on my writing blog.  I’m finding that the more I write, the more I want to write.

So there you have it.  Kathleen, thanks for so many good and meaningful ideas.  I’m open to more, from anyone who has a suggestion or topic you’d enjoy reading about here.  Let me know in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Friday Counseling Issues: Dream Career?

  1. More questions:
    What advice would you give newlyweds?

    What would you do differently if you were expecting your first child?

    What is the biggest parenting mistake you made? Tell about a time you “hit the mark” in parenting.

    For those interested I a career in counseling, what advice do you have?

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