Appeal to Rome

Matthew 27:1-2. “When the morning was come, all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put Him to death: And when they had bound Him, they led Him away, and delivered Him to Pontius Pilate the governor.”

Under the governance of Rome, Israel was forbidden from executing anyone.  If they wanted a legal death sentence, it was up to Rome to proclaim it and carry it out.  So, after deliberating until the morning dawned, the chief priests and elders now bound Jesus securely and paraded Him through the streets of Jerusalem to the palace of Pilate, the Roman governor.

It is very likely that a crowd gathered along the way. The Man that had been  lauded and praised as He entered Jerusalem a week earlier was now being mocked and jeered by the very same people who had spread their garments along His path and honored Him with palm branches.  Also, they were completing  that which was necessary to fulfill scripture by turning Him over to the Gentiles for the final death sentence.

We ought not to be too quick to condemn them for their fickle behavior. Have we not also turned our backs on God in America today?  The only time we call on Him is when we’ve been attacked in some horrific way, but it isn’t long until we go comfortably back to our normal patterns of living aside from His Word.

Don’t we stand by while thousands of unborn babies are killed every single day? Don’t we lift our hands in horror while people across the world are beheaded for refusing to deny Christ, but then go blithely on our way as we trust the politicians we’ve elected to protect us from an evil we’ve never had to deal with here?  Don’t we accept behaviors in our society that God clearly prohibits in His Word, fearing that we’ll be seen as homophobic or politically incorrect?

Don’t we compromise the standards that used to unify believers in this country, but are now dividing us?  Alcohol, questionable movies and TV programs, books and other entertainment that believers ought never to even consider have all become  acceptable under the pretext of “there’s really nothing wrong with it.”

Before we stand in self-righteous judgment against those who gave Jesus up to the cross, we need to clean out our own private closets.

One thought on “Appeal to Rome

  1. Thanks Linda. Tell it like it is.

    Repentance always precedes individual salvation.

    National repentance always precedes national Great Awakenings.

    Speaking the real Word of God reveals truth which reveals sin which causes one to see their sin which brings on repentance.

    Real Christians must have the courage of their convictions and beliefs and speak forth because preaching, teaching, speaking of, and writing about the truth begins the entire process.

    Otherwise, repentance never happens, people remain spiritually blind, unregenerate, believe lies, are deceived, and die in their sins.

    Regarding truth, who else is going to reveal the truth of God’s Word but real Christians?

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