Jesus Held His Peace

Matthew 26:62-63. “And the high priest arose, and said unto Him, Answerest Thou nothing?  what is it which these wintess against Thee? But Jesus held His peace. And the high priest answered and said unto Him, I adjure Thee by the living God, that Thou tell us whether Thou be the Christ, the Son of God.”


They were at their wit’s end.  They hadn’t been able to find two witnesses who could agree with each other about anything Jesus had said or done that rose to the level of blasphemy.  He wouldn’t speak to defend Himself, so they couldn’t try to trip Him up with arguments that would trap Him into making a false statement. There was only one thing left to do.

They would have to put the BIG question to Him; they would have to ask Him outright if He were theChrist, the Son of God.

I think it is ironic that Caiaphas adjured (required, ordered, demanded)  Jesus, in the Name of the living God, to say whether He was indeed the Christ that the prophets had foretold.

And Jesus knew that His answer would seal His death warrant.  It was the only question He would answer.

Stay tuned for His amazing statement.  We’ll look at it on Monday, March 2.

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