Bedtime Thoughts

You know, I’m sitting here at a very good computer, writing words that people can see all around the world. I have a comfortable study for my writing and other office work. I have sufficient lighting, a pretty good chair, and treasured pictures of my grandkids just above eye level. Behind me is my beautiful organ.  Beside me are my bookshelves.

Across the hall is a full bathroom with hot and cold water, a flush toilet, and a full linen closet stocked with toilet paper, an assortment of soaps, shampoos, and other products  that we deem necessities these days.

In the next room, I’m soon going to climb into my incredibly comfortable air bed, cocooned in my clean sheets and my down comforter, supplemented tonight by the quilted bedspread and an afghan I made years ago.  I will prop myself on two fat pillows and enjoy reading until I fall asleep.  Around midnight, the timer Terry attached to my bedside light with turn that light off.  I don’t even have to turn out the light, for pity’s sake!

I will sleep lulled by the wind blowing around the corners of the house, knowing it is cold and snowy out there but that it doesn’t matter because I’m safe and warm, and I’ve had enough to eat today.  More than enough.  I’ve been dressed in warm clothes, I have comfortable furniture, a Bose, a TV set, a stack of books, my knitting bag all in the living room where I spent most of the day.

My kitchen is slowly looking better all the time as Terry continues to work on the renovation. I have everything anyone could ever need.

I have a husband who loves me, and that’s saying quite a lot some days.  I have four adult children who love me.  I have nine beautiful, intelligent, talented grandchildren who seem to love me, too.  I have friends who are glad to see me, and who always have encouraging things to say.  I have a church that I’m just getting to know, but already good connections and attachments are developing there.

Do I deserve all this? No, of course not. And sometimes, when I’m tempted to take it for granted, I just have to stop and whisper a “Thank You, Lord, for all that you have given me. Thank you for safety and comfort and warmth and food and clothing and all the rest. Thank You most of all for loving me not because I am good, but because You are good.

“Thank You, Lord!”


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