The Poor are Always With You

Matthew 26: 10-11. “When Jesus understood it, He said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she tath wrought a good work upon Me. For ye have the poor always with you; but Me ye have not always.”

“Why trouble ye the woman?”  What a pointed question!  Here were the disciples, in all their manliness, led by Judas the thief, pointing their fingers at Mary for being wasteful and thoughtless.

Had they forgotten Who it was that they followed? Did they STILL not truly understand what was soon going to happen to Him?  It seems that only Mary, at that moment, was completely concentrated on Jesus, knowing what was facing Him very soon; knowing He would soon give His life as a sacrifice  for the sin of the whole world.

Can you imagine how Jesus must have looked at the men at that moment?  How eloquent His eyes must have been as they rested on Judas!  How confused and uncomfortable Judas and the others must have felt as He faced them, protecting Mary and honoring her for her devotion.

“You will have the rest of your lives to take care of the poor, especially if you do it in My Name.  There will always be people who are in need, who are poverty-stricken and will need your ministrations.  However, you will not much longer have Me.”

Here’s a song that I love, but had forgotten about. My son Mike reminded me of it.  I think it’s a beautiful picture of this event.

2 thoughts on “The Poor are Always With You

  1. Anne

    “My most precious treasure lavished on Thee”

    I just caught up on your recent posts. Some of your thoughts are merging with some of my recent thoughts about religion, Christianity, church. Perhaps the disciples are as most of us. We’ve made so much more out of church (or “doing”) and made much less of Jesus (or “worshiping”). When it comes to simple worship and undivided attention to God (the treasure of our time used to to learn and praise Him), it seems to be lost in the busyness and in making church more and more what it isn’t necessary to be. Perhaps the disciples thought there were better ways to honor Him. And lost their focus on Jesus by the activity. Not sure what I’m trying to say. All I know is I have seen indignance towards those that desired to keep their worship “simple”…to not become so busy that their focus was more on activity than adoration. Not saying all activity and ministry is wrong, but in most cases that I’ve seen lately one wonders…”where is God in all of this”.

    The song and your posts remind me of this hymn:
    “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus”

    Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
    Oh, what words I hear Him say!
    Happy place! so near, so precious!
    May it find me there each day.
    Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
    I would look upon the past;
    For His love has been so gracious,
    It has won my heart at last.

    Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
    Where can mortal be more blest?
    There I lay my sins and sorrows
    And, when weary, find sweet rest.
    Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
    There I love to weep and pray,
    While I from His fullness gather
    Grace and comfort every day.

    Bless me, O my Savior, bless me,
    As I sit low at Thy feet.
    Oh, look down in love upon me;
    Let me see Thy face so sweet.
    Give me, Lord, the mind of Jesus;
    Make me holy as He is.
    May I prove I’ve been with Jesus,
    Who is all my righteousness.


    1. Anna, I love that good old song. One of my favorites. In fact, I think I may have used it when I wrote about Mary and Martha several chapters ago. I agree with you. We need more focus on Jesus. We need more trust and dependence on God. I’m very sure that persecution is coming to America. Perhaps one of the reasons for that is that it will bring us to our knees.


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