On to Jerusalem

Matthew 26:1-2. ” And it came to pass, when Jesus had finished all these sayings, He said unto His disciples, Ye know that after two days is the feast of the passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.”

I can imagine that the disciples were just about the same as we are.  When there is something coming that we dread, fear, or don’t understand we tend to ignore it, hoping it will go away. It’s sort of like a little child who covers his eyes so he can’t see, thinking that others can’t see him, either.

Jesus knew the minds of His followers, so He reminded them again of what was to take place in just a short period of time. They must have been rudely jolted out of their hopes that it would all just go away.  Jesus had reminded them that the Passover was only two days away, and then He would be betrayed and crucified. No veiled language here, no hidden meanings.  “This is it, men.  We don’t have much time, so get yourselves ready. It’s about to happen.”


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