Matthew 25:41.“Then shall He say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from Me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”

I want to go back to the previous  passage for the purposes of clarification. When Jesus spoke the words in verses 31-46, He was not speaking to the Church.  Remember, these events are taking place after the church has been raptured, and after the Great Tribulation.  During the period of the Tribulation, the remnant of believing Jews will carry the gospel to all the nations of the world. They, the Jews, are His brethren (Matt. 10:6; John 1:11; 19:20; 20:10). Those (nations) who treat His brethren well and receive the preaching of the gospel  will be blessed.  Those (nations) who persecute the Jews who are preaching the gospel during the Tribulation will be cursed not by God, but by their own stubborn unbelief, and they will share the eternal fire that has been prepared for Satan and his angels.  This place was not prepared for man.  No man needs to go there.  But if by persistent unbelief and rebellion against God they choose to continue to serve Satan, then they will share Satan’s fate.

There will be no second chances, no do-overs. Their choices have been made, and are irreversible at this point.

America has been, by policy and treaty, a supporter of the nation of Israel. I am watching our nation turn away from this position of support.  We are turning instead to the support of nations whose God is not the Lord God of Israel. I believe that the scene is being set for the rapture of the church and the Great Tribulation as all the nations of the world, including America, are either literally or in spirit aiming their guns against Israel.

I don’t know when. No one does. But the world-wide hatred of Israel is surely one of the signs of the end times.

3 thoughts on “Judgment

  1. Reblogged this on God's Word for Women and commented:
    This is spot on. I have been studying Ezra and Nehemiah, and especially after reading the prayer of the Levites in Nehemiah Chapter 9, so much of their sin of rejecting God and His Law looks like the sins of America today. God is merciful and just. I agree with Linda here. The stage is being set for The Very End, as America becomes more and more tolerant to sin, and continues to reject God and His Commandments and His People. I believe there is but a Remnant in this land, and we must push on and let our lights shine so that more will join us on God’s planned day of Rapture!


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