I needed to write this today. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Just Writing!

It had snowed overnight, and the older coupe  left their house carefully.  He had already cleared a little path from the front door, down the porch step, onto the sidewalk and around to the passenger side of the van.  She was wearing sensible shoes, so she wasn’t nervous about slipping. But he had always taken care of her, held her hand so she wouldn’t fall. As he came back up the sidewalk, he held out his hand and, as always, she placed her hand in his with complete confidence that he would do his best to protect her.

He wasn’t so young any more, and the past couple of years had taken their toll on his body.  He was smaller, not so muscular, not so steady on his feet.

“What if HE falls?” she wondered to herself.  How would I get him up?  If he hurts his back again, it…

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