Aging: Type II Diabetes

This one is personal. This one I live with. This one I fight every day, because like way too many Americans who grew up on a surfeit of sugar, my body has finally said, “Enough, you fool. Quit with the sparkly white stuff, the high-fructose corn syrup, the overload of white flour, high carb-low value garbage. If you’re going to live without carting around oxygen, sitting in a wheel chair, being blind, having heart disease, getting things amputated and being a general pain for the poor folks who have to take care of you, you need to KNOCK IT OFF!”

And I’m listening. Really making some important changes. Is it easy? No, of course not. The biggest thing I need to do that I haven’t done well at all is to get the body up and moving. Losing weight is important. Especially after menopause, women hang on to their weight as if it were solid gold. It’s solid, all right. Did you know that the prime supply of estrogen after menopause is from belly fat?

Sometimes there’s just no justice.

This one is personal. This one I live with. This one I fight every day, because like way too many Americans who grew up on a surfeit of sugar, my body has finally said, "Enough, you fool. Quit with...:

All right, here’s the simple explanation.  When you pour sugar into your body, the pancreas is supposed to make enough insulin to adequately deal with that sugar, whatever form it comes in. At some point, the pancreas says, “Nope, no more, you’ve worn me out.”  This is called insulin resistance. So now you have to take oral medication, or injections. OR, you can get a grip and learn to eat more carefully. You can stir your stumps, take a walk, get on a bike or a treadmill, sweat a little. If you work at it, you can get it under control and ditch the meds. I know. I’m doing it.  The more the weight comes off, the more efficiently all your body parts work.

You know what I find incredibly sad?  More and more children under 12 are developing Type II. A sedentery lifestyle fueled with fast food, chips, Hostess Twinkies, soda pop, and electronics has turned our kids into medical disasters.

We don’t need Michelle O to fix this for us. We need to do what most of us already know to do.  Locking up the electronics would be a good starting point.

You can read a much more complete description of Type II here. There is a test called the A1C, nasty little test that can tell how much sugar is sticking to your blood cells for the last three months.  Your number should be under 6.  At my highest, after a winter of vegetating and improper eating, mine went up to 8.9. Very bad. Doc put me on Metformin.  I put myself on a product from Plexus Slim that a friend told me about. After three months, A1C went down to 7.5. Doc is ecstatic. Three more months, down to 7.2.  Doc still ecstatic.  I’m still working on it.  Getting OFF the pharmaceuticals.

I don’t intend this post to be a pitch for any product, but I had to be honest and tell you what has been working for me. Please, if you’re battling the sugar wars, DO something about it. There is a LOT you can do. If you don’t, you will be old way before you need to be.  Diabetes is not a fun way to die.


12 thoughts on “Aging: Type II Diabetes

  1. So far, no sugar levels that are alarming. When my six month blood work for thyroid came back with a reading of 116 my doctor ordered an A1C and it came back 5. I “sorta” watch the sugar intake, but TG was a fine excuse for pie and cookies. Thanks for the post; I understand this issue as a serious warning. My mom, who was thin, had to watch her sugar intake as her sugar levels began to run near 130. So, it isn’t even just weight; it is a matter of the aging body.


      1. One of my sons has a fiance who grew up in Slovakia. She speaks and writes excellent English. Right now, she’s in London at King’s College, studying neuroscience. I mention this because she worries about her use of English. She still has a strong Slovak accent, also influenced by British English. I think it’s cool. I encourage her all the time that she uses English wonderfully well. I truly believe that the study of another language improves the use of one’s own mother tongue. And thank you for sharing your poem with me. Very beautiful I wish I could read the original language.

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      2. Thanks a lot! ❤

        To be honest, my speaking skills much worse than my writing… and I realize that I can reach an ideal pronunciation never.
        Maybe I should just adopt this fact and relax 🙂
        Thank you! Thank you for compliments for my writings and my English!

        Please, take care!

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  2. Just mom

    Lately….as I have listened to the new and improved way to reach this generation……Diabetes seems to have such a deeper spiritual level of sickness that imitates the church. Revelation says there will come a time when they cannot endure the truth of the Word….and they will heap unto their ears what they want to hear.
    Heaps of it are all over the TV..correct? Sex,pornography,fornication..etc. I see food as the same. Because our bodies eat 5 ways: our 5 senses feed us everyday. It’s why we wash our hands, turn down the volume, or leave the room when something stinks. We choose what we eat. We decided desserts should be indulged 7 days a week….not just on special occasions. Breads and sugars are a quick high…overindulgence has caused us the inability to endure a sound meal…..dessert menus now serve as pornography to our physical wellness. Thank you for your time! Blessings! ( isn’t it odd that the word “less” is in the word bless? )


    1. What an interesting comparison! You know, I remember my dad preaching about the dangers of what he called “entertainment preaching.” This is exactly what you’re describing. Too much sweetness, not enough truth. Makes the soul sick. Thanks for your comment.


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