If you’re a Facebook friend, you may have seen the pictures and videos I’ve been posting as progress continues on the renovation of my old, tired kitchen.  It’s a lot of work.  We’re so thankful for our friend Norm Yeager, who has spent the last few weeks visiting various friends to help out with construction projects.  He has spent at least three full days helping Terry, possibly more.  Memory dims. He’s leaving this morning to go help someone else for a couple of days before he goes back to his longsuffering wife. Thanks for letting him do this, Sherry. Such a blessing to so many.

Anyway.  Others have come to lend a hand. Joe Schmidt has helped us tremendously in supplying cabinets. Our son Dan has spent many long hours, and I’m sure there will be more.  He can be the muscle for things Terry can’t life or carry, and he also helps keep his dad’s ADD brain from shooting all over the place 🙂  Time Delp spent some time yesterday.  Our son Mike was here for a couple of days and helped take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  Today our son-in-law Aaron will be here for a while to help set some more cabinets and, I think, put down the last piece of sub-flooring.

I took a picture of Norm and Terry working on tearing up the ugly old brown floor. I captioned it, “When two good men work together, the job gets done.”  It’s amazing how much more four hands can accomplish, especially when the hearts and attitudes are in harmony. It’s been fun to watch these two work together.


So I’ve been thinking about  the scriptural passage that talks about how we are all a part of the body of Christ, all with different abilities, jobs, and gifts that are to be used together for God’s glory.  You can read it in I Cor. 12:12-31.  Some parts of the body aren’t so glamorous.  No one really cares to take a good long look at a liver or at the bowels, yet the body would die without both of these inglamorous parts. We’d rather spend time enjoying faces:  Eyes, lips, noses, hair. We love to look at those who are beautiful, and the older I grow the more I realize that there is beauty in every single human being because we are made in the image and likeness of God.

Some body parts have inglorious jobs. Feet get stood on all day. Baby toes are really cute, but not so much after they start running, getting shoved into sneakers, and smelling a little funky 🙂 And think about noses.  Mine doesn’t work so well any more.  There are many things I can no longer smell.  The inside of a nose isn’t exactly a stunningly beautiful thing, but without our noses, with the hairs that help sift out dust and allergens,  we’d be in a lot of trouble. Noses get the breath to our lungs. We wouldn’t survive without noses.

Part of maturity in Christ is to be content, and even thankful, for whatever part of the body God has created us to be.  We are all necessary to the work. We are all loved and deeply valued by God. We are His workmanship (Eph. 2:10), His poetry, his masterpiece, His work of art.

Some have hands to build, and heads to understand how to do so.  Some have tongues to speak, sing, teach, and minds to help them do so. Some have the beautiful feet that run to spread the gospel of peace. Whatever we are, whatever the part of the body God has ordained us to be, we have something to offer. We can all be an encouragement to others.

Terry and I are thankful for those who have been such an encouragement to us in this huge job of work.  We have a long way to go, but Terry is one of those who has hands and a head to guide his hands in such work. He needs more physical help these days than he used to, and God is providing that help.

It’s a beautiful thing.


10 thoughts on “Renovation

  1. Great spiritual analogies. So glad you are getting this done, so much life generates out of the kitchen…many good memories of “kitchen time” while growing up. Too many homes today do not have a much lived in kitchen, but dwell too much around the one-eyed monsters called I-phones, TV’s, computers, tablets etc. So happy that you will have this. 🙂


    1. Me too. It’s gone from a completely gutted room to one with subflooring, stove back in place, some cabinets installed. Slowly but surely. I’m looking forward to seeing it all done, mostly so I can get my mess out of the rest of the house! And yes, the kitchen has long been the heart of our home. That’s why I love a big one. This one isn’t all that big, but it’s not tiny, either. Having a counter where the wall was, with a couple of stools, will help keep that “heart of the house” thing going.


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