Friday Counseling Issues: Aging

It happens to all of us, unless we die while we’re still young.  Today, extreme old age is to be in your 80’s or older.  Many people are working well into their 70’s, as I will unless the Lord takes me home. We’re living healthier longer if we take care of business during our active years.  Still there are issues that arise with the onset of time, and none of us are immune.

There was a picture similar to this one hanging in the hallway of the nursing home my mom lived in for the last couple of years of her life.  I love it.  There is beauty in every life stage, especially if it is a life well-lived. The grace and wisdom that comes with age replaces the fresh-faced beauty of youth when God is the moving influence in one’s life.

I’ll be talking about all sorts of things, from the medical to the emotional, financial, and relationship issues.

Please pray for wisdom for me as I research and write.


7 thoughts on “Friday Counseling Issues: Aging

  1. The practical aspect and biblically centered content is what I appreciate most in these Friday issues. I don’t get to them sometimes until two weeks later, but that is the reason I keep my e mail service! I have a lovely lady in one of my devotional groups who is 96. She reminded me of it this morning, in fact.


    1. You know, most of us don’t like to think we’re no longer useful. I believe God made us to want to work, whether that’s in the home or out of it. We need productive work to do in order to feel useful and valued. And that statement could easily set me off on a rant about how the government’s entitlement programs have sapped our will to work, and along with it our self-esteem. Goes hand in hand.


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