The Lame and the Blind

Matthew 21:14. “And the blind and the lame came to Him to the temple; and He healed them.”

“Have you heard?  Did you know?  Jesus, the Nazarene, is here!  Yes, in the city itself!  I heard He created an uproar at the temple today.  I heard He chased the moneychangers out of the temple, and threw tables upside down. All the animals that were caged were set free!  Can you imagine?  Our high priest and all his followers were beside themselves with fury!   But I was told that no one dared to stop Him, that His wrath was so great that no one could withstand it!  Oh, I wish I had seen!

“And did you know that He’s healing people again?  Yes, yes!  Right here, right now!  Blind, lame, they’re coming to Him in droves and He’s touching them, or speaking a word, and they are healed!  Come!  Come with me!  Let’s go see how close we can get!  Maybe we’ll see Him. Maybe we’ll see this Man of Galilee Who has set the scribes and Pharisees all on edge.  Come!  Come now!”


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