Den of Thieves

Matthew 21:13. And said unto them, “It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

In one of His rare displays of holy, righteous anger at the insult the people have enacted in the House of Prayer, Jesus unleashed His wrath on the moneychangers and the buyers and sellers of animals for sacrifice.  The holy, sacred purpose of His Father’s house had been desecrated, turning the Temple instead into a stockyard and a place where the people were defrauded and scammed–all under the authority of the high priest’s family!

I have said before that Jesus never came to His own defense. However, when the Father was defamed, insulted, and profaned, then,THEN Jesus Christ rose up and defended His Father’s Name!

I wonder.  Do we stand in defense and protection of the holiness of God? Do we object when His Name is used to curse, when it is coupled with profanity so vile we won’t even say the words? Has our own language become infected with words that are nothing more than eupemisms for His Name?  Do we defend God’s house, the place where we should gather for fellowship, worship, prayer, and edification? Does His house still hold the place of respect that I remember from my childhood?

Or would Jesus  again have to throw over tables and drive out the moneychangers?


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