All the City Was Moved

Matthew 21:10-11. “And when He was come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this? And the multitude said, This is Jesus, the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee.”

The word used here for moved, the whole city was moved, is the same that is used for quake  and shake in in 27:51 and 28:4, and in Hebrews 1:26 and Rev. 6:13. Make no mistake, this was a momentous occasion!  Jesus, Son of David, Son of Man, Prophet of Nazareth, Son of God, was entering His own city, there to pay the penalty for the sin of all mankind past, present, and future. This was no small event.  The whole city was shaken, moved, agitated, upset.

On Monday, we’ll see how Jesus upset some other folks in the city.  It’s one of my favorite Bible stories.


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