Go Thy Way

Matthew 20:14-16. “Take that thine is, and go thy way: I will give unto this last, even as unto thee. Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good?  So the last shall be first, and first last: for many be called, but few chosen.”

The great lesson in this parable is that God will give the rewards in His own sovereignty, as it seems best to Him, never out of harmony with His justice. When we labor for Christ, it is not to be for the sake of reward as one who is hired for a specified wage. There is to be no trace of watching the clock or counting the pennies.  Such a person is nothing more than a hired servant. The believer who labors for Christ is not just a hired servant to be paid off and dismissed at the end of the work day. He labors for the love of God, and the love of lost souls. 

The owner of the vineyard admonished those who complained to simply take the wage they had agreed upon, and go their way. He asked them, “Isn’t it lawful that I do as I choose with my own property, in my own affairs?  If I choose to pay the last the same as the first, isn’t that my right? Are you turning an evil eye upon me, giving me attitude, because I have chosen to do a good thing?” 

He went on to say that “many are called, but few are chosen.” This is not the call to salvation, but the call to work in the field, the world, reaching the lost for Christ. Indeed, every believer is so called. Few, however, answer the call. They will be rewarded not according to their own idea of what they deserve, but according to the Master’s will. 

And so ends this important parable, and Jesus turns His footsteps toward Jerusalem. 



4 thoughts on “Go Thy Way

  1. You’ve done a good job bringing out the truths of this parable, Linda. You have blessed me. Maybe I have not studied this as much as I should or have in a while. Though we know the basics of the lesson, there is much more to this story. It certainly is about attitude. I picture someone given an opportunity to work for God. One is so overwhelmed by the privilege to go work in the fields he or she never wants to leave the fields and labors away smiling always at his or her great fortune. What an honor to work for God! As the father told the prodigal son, “Everything I have is yours.” One day, the faithful good-hearted laborer will reap the reward but in the meantime the Lord always takes care of His own and is ever-faithful. I know you are carrying a load, Linda, and you are carrying it well. The Lord is with you. Be encouraged. He sees your labor and greatly appreciates it. Thank you.


    1. Thanks you so much for the comment, the insightful encouragement, and your loyalty here. You, too, are carrying a load, and I pray for you regularly.

      Lines from an old song:

      “Not for the praise of man,
      But for the Lord!”


  2. My simple, practical approach to the “many are called, few are chosen” applies to our work-a-day lives too. Many applicants, few hired. Even then, if job performance is nil, one will be let go. Once a person gets a job; he must keep the job. I find that true even of volunteers! You may be “free” but you also must be faithful to what you promised you would do.


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