Sioux Falls Park

Last night we drove over to the park that is built around the Sioux Falls.  It’s very pretty, and there’s a tower from which you can see over the whole park and quite a bit of the city. I took some pictures with my camera phone, but the light wasn’t right.  Need to get some good shots of the family.  Anyway, I did get a good video of the falls itself. Here’s a picture Image

Ed and Betty called while we were out.  They’ll be back here this afternoon to pick up our big suitcase.  They’ll spend the night, then travel on back East tomorrow.  So I have some reorganizing to do.  Have a load in the washer right now. 

I think we’re going to another museu, or park, later today when Sheila gets off work. Possibly going to where the kids do archery.  It’s so nice not to have a schedule, and to be responsible for very little!  

Ken just called to let me know we’re going to the archery range now, so I’ll say sayanora 🙂






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