Church in the morning, a delicious grilled burgers/corn on the cob meal.  Then we went to visit the memorial to the USS Dakota, the most-decorated battleship in WWII.Image It’s a wonderful snapshot of the history of that era, and I love history, so. . .yeah, I enjoyed it. They have the displays set up in a wonderfully organized way, and I think I scanned every document, every letter written home by lonesome sailors.  I saw a photo of a young sailor that had me looking twice, he bore such a strong resemblance to a similar picture of my dad.  Ken agreed–it made him stop for a longer look, too!Image

It rained really hard while we were inside the museum. Ivan, who loves storms, was hoping for a glimpse of a tornado. He may have seen the beginnings of a funnel cloud, but I took a look and really wasn’t sure. However, seeing that rainstorm and feeling the wind, hearing the thunder and lightening, sure brought back memories of storms I experienced in southern Minnesota when I was a ‘teen.  Nothing quite like a prairie storm. 




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