Test of Patience

Did you ever teach a child to knit?  You find out how patient you are; you learn how effective a teacher you are.  You learn about hand-eye coordination; you learn about clear communication.  You learn that what is as natural as breathing for you is very confusing for someone else.  You also remember how hard you worked when you were learning to knit!  I ripped out yards and yards of stitching before I came up with a decent-looking finished piece.  It’s so hard for a little girl to be patient.  She wants to make something RIGHT NOW!!

So we’ll keep pegging away at it.  I even found a good video about teaching children to knit.  Love the internet.


7 thoughts on “Test of Patience

  1. Kim L

    You can have her make a Mug Rug, which is just big enough to put a mug on. Helps keep it warmer (or cooler?) and keeps the moisture off the table, so it is also useful. Great gift too. And short enough that you don’t have to keep knitting forever before you have something. 🙂 So glad you’re having fun teaching your grandchild!


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