Sioux Falls, South Dakotah

We made it in excellent time.  It was a bit over 500 miles, and we were here around 3.  The speed limit, once you leave Fargo and drop south to Sioux Falls, is 75 mph, which helped a whole lot. 


It’s hot here, got to 93 degrees today.  Humidity or not, I was very thankful for air conditioning!  

It was so good to see my three gandkids here after a year and a half.  Wonderful to see Ken and Sheila, too, of course 🙂  But getting my hands on those kids was just wonderful.  Kyle is about 4 inches taller than I; Ivan is  maybe one or two inches taller.  Alayna is nearly up to my shoulder.  They do a heap of growing in 1 1/2 years, that’s for sure. 

We are so thankful to Ed and Betty, who brought us all the way out here.  Ed is a wonderful driver, and we appreciate his willingness to do this for us.  We had such a good time with them, talking and laughing and sometimes just being quiet.  They’re going on to the western end of the state to see some sights, leaving us here to enjoy being with the family.  We’ll fly home when the time comes.   I have to admit that I’m not sorry I won’t have to climb into the car again tomorrow!

Time to try to organize my stuff now and get ready for bed.  


3 thoughts on “Sioux Falls, South Dakotah

  1. Debbie Connors

    Enjoy your time with Ken,Sheila, and family. I need to see pictures when you return. Please say hello to them from us.


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