Iron River

It’s beautiful here in Ice Lake.  We’re in a motel that looks right out on the lake. Very peaceful and relaxing. Two adult geese just went swimming by with a little gaggle of babies in single file between them.  It’s cool, nice breeze coing in through the windows.  One thing I’d forgotten, though is the the mosquitImageos have absolutely no shame. They attack instantly, and telegraph to all their little buddies that Linda is back in Iron River! They’re gathering on the screen as I type, looking for any timy little hole that will let them come in and torture me. 

We’re meeting some childhood friends of Terry’s soon, getting pizza from the Riverside Pizzeria.  Best pizza I’ve ever had bar none.  It’s been maybe 30 years since I had it, and I hope it’s still just as good as it was back then.

This trip is something of a return home for Terry.  He has no relatives up here any more, but we’ve already stopped to visit two of the men he’s been friends with since they were all very young.  Two more tonight, and another one tomorrow. 

The trip has been problem-free.  Our friend Ed is driving, and we’ve never done anything like this before with him and his wife, Betty.  Good times.  Our friendship extends back to 1973.  Hard to believe so much time has passed. 

Gotta go eat pizza!





5 thoughts on “Iron River

  1. Pete

    Margie and I our thrilled you guys are this adventure, keep us posted. We will continue to pray for you all, His goodness to us is beyond what we can comprehend . Love you all Pete n Margie


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