Are We There Yet?

Surely someone, somewhere, has written a poem or a song using this line.  I just did a quick Google, and there is sure enough a little kids’ book with this title.  So maybe that will be my goal tomorrow or the next day–a silly poem about “Daddy, are we there yet?  I really want to know, ’cause I’m really tired of riding, and I REALLY gotta go!”  

There’s the start.  Anyone feel like chiming in, help yourself 🙂



6 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Anne

    I would love to chime in because I understand…however, I am still healing in every way after 14 or so hours straight through both ways to the Upper Peninsula. Give me time…much time…and I’ll see if I can find something that I can laugh about! 😉 🙂


  2. Anne

    Oh, wow. I just saw that with your recent post! We’re very familiar with a cabin on Pike Lake!
    I did finally think of something to laugh about concerning our trip…it doesn’t rhyme…but the youngest of four, after being in supposed misery for the long journey back, asked hopefully the very next morning, “Are we going back today?” I plastered a fake empathetic smile on my face and broke it to him as gently as I could………. Anyway, enjoy, enjoy! Gorgeous up there, indeed.


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