Final Post on the Transfiguration

Matthew 17:1-9.

It is significant that the three disciples who were there immediately recognized Moses and Elijah.

Their identities and personalities were not obliterated by death or removal from the earth. We, too, will be recognizable.  We of course will know Jesus instantly, because He will be supreme above all others. We can look at I Cor. 13:12 and I John 3:2 for assurance that we will know one another.  I get excited thinking about all the wonderful men and women of God that I’ll be meeting for the first time, characters in stories I love, stars of books of the Bible that have held their places in history for centuries!  All our questions will be answered, all our arguments settled, all our theology straightened out.  That in itself will make heaven wonderful.

There is more that could be said about this passage.  I can’t encourage you enough to study it out on your own, to glean everything you can from this event, until you fully understand how important it was and still is.  Just be careful about your sources.  There are many different interpretations of this passage that are not consistent with the rest of the book of Matthew, or with prophecies of the end times and Jesus’ return. Always read and study with discernment.

The next few verses carry on the theme of Elijah’s presence and purpose.  We’ll be looking at that next week.

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