Sore Afraid

Matthew 17:6. “And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their faces and were sore afraid.”

There was no denying the voice of God!  They didn’t see Him;  they only heard Him, and the were “sore afraid.”

Wouldn’t you feel the same?  We certainly should!  ‘

I’ve often wondered just what that voice must have sounded like.  Was it vast and all-encompassing?  Did it sound as if it were echoed from the surrounding hills?   Was it a roar that knocked the disciples to their faces, or was it simply the most incredibly beautiful voice that anyone had ever heard?

To be prostrate on the ground was not an unusual thing when man and God came face to face. You can see the same reaction in Job 42:5-6; Isa. 6; Dan. 8:18; 10: 5-11; Acts 9:4, Rev. 1:17. To meet God will leave us with no other option than to fall on our faces before Him.

I heard a radio report today that a well-known mayor in a major U.S. city has been reported to say that he’s “earned his place in heaven” for the work he’s done as a mayor.  What nonsense, what arrogance!  He must imagine that he can stand face to face with God and come out of it without a quiver.  Is he ever in for a shock!

Next week, we’re going back over this entire passage to find out its meaning and significance.  There is much to mine from these verses.


4 thoughts on “Sore Afraid

  1. Quiet, authority. Just thinking. The kind of voice a parent uses when he gently gets close to hte face of his child, grips the arm firmly but not painfully, and whispers a command into the ear: “I want you to. . . right now.” Quiet authority. Just my opinion.


    1. Could be, Karyl. God did speak to Elijah in a “still, small voice.” I used to use that technique to gain the attention of my classroom when the bell rang. Worked very well 🙂


  2. stargail67

    I read that about that mayor, and I thought, boy if that is all the bigger your god is, I am glad that I don’t worship him…how foolish!


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