New Blog

This is a quick one to let you know that I’m opening a new blog.  I’ve developed so many categories here that have nothing whatsoever to do with Bible study. It’s getting all  cluttered up. You can find my new blog here:

I hope you’ll join me as I try to break some new ground. 


3 thoughts on “New Blog

    1. Thanks, Karyl. Been thinking about doing this for a while. Amazing–I haven’t really written anything yet, and I already have follows from four other bloggers. Lots more interest in writing in general than in God’s Word.


      1. And that is sad. I read a column by Gary Bauer (American Values) today that a recent poll, just last week I think, showed more people are cynical about the value of God’s Word. Very sad. If it is sad to us, how much more to the heart of our Loving Creator and Author of the Word.


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