Really, really hate housecleaning.  Being so short complicates matters.  Not being able to get down on my knees complicates matters. So anything above eye-level or below knee-level tends to suffer.(I’m adding text here to see if I’ve learned anything about reformatting so my print stays where I want it.  So far, so good.  Now let’s try another one. )


I wish I could figure out how to put my words under, around, and between all these pictures.  Too much white space. (Yay! I think I understand !)

Seriously, haven’t you ever wished you were Samantha from Bewitched? Wiggle your nose, the dust is gone!  Waggle your fingers, the bathrooms are shiny! Circle your arms, all the rooms in the house neaten up and vacuum themselves! Wave your arms, the windows are washed, the curtains washed, dried, ironed and perfectly hung.  I don’t think that’s asking too much!


(Oh joy, oh happiness!  I love it when I learn something new and it actually WORKS! There’s this neat little gadget in the editing option that says “Add Media.”  When I use it, it lets me size the pictures that I’ve already posted; and, best of all, my text types around the pictures!  Doing a happy dance!)



I love it when my house is fresh and clean—–lasts for about five minutes. Bleagh. Grump. Snarl. Growl.

There.  Made you feel a lot better, right?  I aim to brighten your day. 🙂

And anyone who can tell me how to format a page will have my undying gratitude.  No housecleaning included.

(Until now, I’ve just been doing the cut/paste or copy/paste with pictures.  Works fine if you only want to use ONE. But if you want a whole bunch, and you want to type around them, cut/paste won’t let you do it.  Only the “add media” tool has given me what I wanted. I’m sure all you smartiepants people out there had this figured out.  And by the way, I didn’t have to delete any pictures to make this work. I just clicked on “add media,” then clicked on the picture in question, resized it, and kept typing. Woo hoo!  I could type all day.  State of euphoria here! )

2 thoughts on “I HATE HOUSEWORK!

    1. I actually know some people who LIKE to clean. My mother did. They take a lot of pleasure in making something fresh and tidy. I like it to BE fresh and tiday, I just don’t want to MAKE it that way 🙂


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