Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

(What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?)

These daily prompts are fun.  They make me think.

What I think about this one is that I feel sorry for those who dread any sign of aging; who value old people very little; who equate age with senility and uselessness. Frankly, just the opposite is true for me.

I’ll be 67 next birthday.  The only real regret I have is being overweight, but that didn’t come just with age.  It’s harder to get rid of as we age, though.  I guess I also miss being able to sing.  That’s something I never thought about losing until maybe ten years ago, when I recognized the vast inequality between male and female voices.  Women’s voices age earlier, get the quavers, become either shrill or way too deep.

Other than that?  I don’t regret a thing.

My life has not been trouble-free, but the joys far outweight the sorrows.  There are laugh lines around my eyes, and I’m fine with that. There are wrinkles in my forehead, and I’m fine with that.  I don’t particularly love my turkey wattles, but you know, they haven’t always been there.  For years and years I had a normal neck  😉  In fact, it was normal for more years than it will be wattled, and you know–scarves are a very big fashion deal!

I have some of the conditions that come with age:  My friends Arthur and Burs (itis); two artifical knees; bunions that prevent me from wearing cool high-heeled shoes; varicosities that look like roadmaps.  But I don’t mind, because I’ve earned all of it. My hair is almost entirely grey these days, and that’s ok too. I never got into coloring it because I’m just too lazy to keep touching it up.

So what are the benefits?  Well, I’m very thankful to say that I’m in generally good health, still able to work three days a week, to enjoy my grandchildren, to continue to learn new things every single day, to enjoy a good meal and good friends.  There’s nothing more pleasant than to be in the company of people you love, and who love you back–even if you’re no longer youthful-looking.

Mostly, I believe my relationship with God has kept me young at heart, because no matter how tough things can be in this old world, I’m always, always looking forward to the sure hope of heaven for all eternity. Not only will I be reunited with those who have gone ahead of me, but I will finally see the One Who provided His Son for my salvation, and I will be able to enjoy His presence forever.

Some people fear old age because they fear death. When you know Jesus Christ, death holds no fear. It is only the bridge from this world to the next, where age won’t matter at all.



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