They forgot the Bread

Matthew 16:5. “And when the disciples were come to the other side, they had forgotten to take bread.”

“Hey, Judas!  Did you remember to buy some bread and other food?”

“What, ME?  Why should I always be the one to buy the groceries!  Thomas could have done it, or Peter or James.  I’m not the only one who can pick up the supplies!”

“All right, you guys, did anyone think of buying some food?  We’re going to be mighty hungry, and embarrassed, if we don’t have anything when it’s time to eat.  Anyone?”



“Not my job.”

“Didn’t think of it.”

“I didn’t have any money.”

“What am I, your errand boy?”

“Judas is the money bags. He should have thought of it.”

“We should form a committee and take a vote about who has to go back for the bread.”

“It’s too late now. Man, I can’t believe how disorganized you guys are.”

And Jesus sighed in His spirit.


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