Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up

(We know *you* are vice-free, dear Daily Post reader. But, or perhaps we should say, “butt,” others around you and in your life are riddled with vices: they smoke; they eat too much celery; they hog the covers; they can’t keep their hands out of the office candy bowl. Which vice or bad habit can you simply not abide in others?)

So I had to think about this one for a while.  I’m happy to report to much younger bloggers that I’ve reached a stage of life in which very few things are so repugnant to me that I just can’t stand it.

I’m a grammar nazi, so misuse of the language irritates me; it is not, however, unbearable. I don’t spend time correcting other people’s egregious errors.

I am irritated by drivers who make left turns across the hood of my car.  No road rage, though. It’s just not worth it.

There is only one thing I can think of that literally makes my skin crawl; only one thing that makes me want to scream and froth at the mouth.

There are just no words.

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