Smiling :)

What am I smiling about?  Two things. 

One:  I just stepped out of the office, and it’s really nice out.  Sunshine, gentle breeze, over 30 degrees.  Almost feels like spring. 

Second:  My number of hits on this blog just went to 30,000 total.  In my first year, I hit 10,000; so what this means is that I’ve doubled my first-year readership in less than a year.  That anniversary comes around in April. 




I’ve said before that I knew I would be writing to a very specific audience, so I wasn’t expecting to get to the million mark any time soon—if ever!  But I have to say  I’m very thankful and very gratified that there were 30,000 hits on my blog in the last10+ months.

Writing has always been a pie-in-the-sky dream for me.  Maybe I should think about baking a real pie!

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