Thanksgiving is an Offering

Hebrews 13:15.”By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His Name.”

This will be my last post of the week, I think.  Most of today will be taken up with food prep and final cleaning.  Tomorrow I may not even boot up the computer 🙂  Three of our grands are staying overnight, so Friday will be busy.  I’ll have to bug Terry about getting the tree up to decorate. Saturday I’ll probably crash, and then Sunday comes.  We’ll see if I have a post in me by then.

So. As we enjoy the food, family, friends and fellowship tomorrow, will we give a heartfelt time of praise to God?  Or will we make a cursory attempt to mention Him briefly in the prayer before we eat?

I’ve been thinking about this for several days.  Sometimes the things we do become trite, like everyone having to say something they’re thankful for before we eat.  Not saying that’s a bad idea, but so often the things we mention are material.

What I’m thinking is that this year, I would like us to say something in praise to God, specifically.  Here are some ideas:

Who He is

What He has done for you THIS YEAR that has made a difference in your life.

What is His character?  What do you know about God that you particularly want to praise Him for?

What new thing have you learned about God this year that has influenced how you see Him?

Quote a Bible verse that specifically gives praise to God.

See what I mean?  Instead of being thankful for our parents, our friends, our church (which are all wonderful things!)  I would like us to focus on the Author and Giver of Life this year. Let’s get personal with the Savior.  Let’s offer Him a sacrifice of praise.

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