A God-Honoring Funeral

It was our privilege this morning to attend the farewell service for a friend we’ve known for 19 years. He was a co-worker with Terry at the church we both attended.  He was a man of unusual character, strong convictions, strong faith–and a quirky sense of humor.

 It was wonderful to hear how much his family loved and respected him. It was even more impressive that they saw him the same way those outside the family saw him. He was consistent in his walk because he lived exactly as he said he believed.

There was laughter today as those who spoke remembered the jokes our friend always  seemed to have ready to tell.   At a funeral where God is the center, there can be joy right along with the sorrow.  We know that our friend is at this moment sitting at the feet of Jesus, amazed to be in the presence of the One he loved and served.

Many of us who were there today have lost loved ones of our own over the past year or so. It was good to think of them meeting each other in heaven, and to think of them joining in a mighty chorus of hallelujahs in praise of the One Who paid the penalty for our sin.

Heaven.  The home of all who have been redeemed.  Sometimes I just can’t wait.

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