Lord of the Harvest

Matthew 9:37-38. Then saith He unto His disciples, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few: Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest.”

This passage has become a widely-used and beloved call to missions.  Songs have been written using words from these verses.  Poems have been penned, and hearts have been touched by the passionate preaching of this call for laborers to go  into the harvest.

The work of preaching Christ is compared here to the work of harvesting wheat.  I grew up In Minnesota farm country.  I am very familiar with the look of a field that is ready to harvest.  It’s a beautiful sight, really, no matter what the crop; corn, beans,alfalfa, peas for silage, and sorghum all have a lushness about them at harvest time.  But a field of wheat is a beautiful golden stretch, waving full heads in the breeze, and giving the sun back its golden beams.

In Jesus’ day, the wheat was harvested by hand.  Gleaners would pick up the leftovers, much as in the time of Ruth and Boaz. Laborers would be hired just for the harvest season, and it was a time of fellowship, joy, and relief that the rains had held off long enough to get the crop under cover.

Make no mistake; it was hard work.  Hot, sweaty, monotonous work was a necessity if the crop was to be harvested, cleaned, and set under cover for the winter months.  No one promised it would be easy.

The work of harvesting souls isn’t easy, either.   Sometimes, a soul will practically fall into your hands; at other times, it takes months and even years of consistent prayer and pleading with the Holy Spirit to soften the heart of the lost one.

There are not enough workers.  There are not enough who stay until the work is done.  There are not enough who realize that Jesus will not return until all the world has heard the gospel (Matthew 24:14).

Pray that the Lord will send YOU into the harvest; then go and see if you can become a laborer in the field.  There is no greater joy than to be instrumental in leading a lost soul to Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Lord of the Harvest

  1. Steve O.

    So true Linda. We just returned from a missions trip to Juarez, Mexico. The sheer number of those who need the gospel is overwhelming. The local pastors there were so encouraged that a group of Americans would come and help them spread the gospel.

    It should be hard for us to keep silent about what He has done for us!


    1. Jesus said that even the rocks would cry out His glory 🙂

      I hope your trip was lifechanging for the kids and the adults. Sure is a different world than what we’re all used to.


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