Confession Time

One of the blogs I follow, Prodigal Daughter,  inspired me with her description of a hospital ER and how frustrating it is, and the life lesson she learned there.

I was ticked off this morning.  As most of you know, I’m a therapist in a Christian counseling office.  I work three days a week listening to people’s sad stories and trying to use God’s Word to help them find solutions.

Twice a week, I go to aquatic therapy where I spend some time in a delightfully warm pool, moving my arms and legs in first deep- water and then shallow-water exercises. It’s good for my fibromyalgia and my arthritis.

The pool is divided into two section, and it’s just about big enough for four people to use at one time.  Typically, there are only two of us at any given time. This morning, I was looking forward to some peace and quiet–the pool was empty!  I switched on the light, climbed down the ladder and began my routine. About five minutes into my workout, another lady about my age came and moved to the deep side of the pool.

I must have the words “you can tell me all your problems”  written across my forehead. My pool partner began to describe her present life dilemma to me. We’ve never met before.  I still don’t know her name.  It was as if the minute she got into the water, all these words just came bubbling out.

Sigh. Poor me.  No peace, no rest for the weary.  Talktalktalktalktalk.  I never had to say a word; she kept talking until I finished my routine. As I climbed back up the ladder, she said, “Look, I probably shouldn’t have dumped all over you, but I guess I needed to talk to someone. Thanks for being a good listener.”

And I stood there on that ladder with tears in my eyes, feeling terrible because I’d been so impatient.  I looked at her and told her I’d pray for her, and I will.  And next time I see her, I’ll find out her name.

8 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. Glenda

    Bless your heart! I can certainly understand your need for peace and quiet, as we all need those times. I also believe that God sent you there at that exact time, just so the dear lady could “dump” on someone who would honestly take her needs to the Throne. Surely God will give you another time for the peace you need and deserve….I’ll pray for that to happen! 🙂


  2. When we are weak, we are our strongest. She was probably praying for sime sort of relief or release and answers to her needs. God gave you to her when you are in your ” comfort zone”. That secret get away is your recharging station and a place for solace -not just for yourself but whiever needs it:) thanks for sharing.


  3. Margie

    Where you there at church several years ago the night the missionary was in from the Philippines. His 15 minute challenge Pete and I will never forget….
    Opportunity or Obligation…… wow!
    I understand your desire for your quiet morning with an empty pool with silence…. please
    do not get me wrong…. but this thought came to mind as I read your post and thought….
    God has given you an Opportunity…. Knowing you Linda, I’m certain you will make the most of it… 🙂 Love and miss you my friend…. Hi to the hubs, too 🙂


  4. I’ve been struggling over something at work and a difficult person. Trying to figure out after all these years why these little foxes come along and destroy vines I thought were well protected. I spilled it out to a fbf who works in the back room at a Wal Mart because I thought maybe I was the once being unreasonable. I am not, but she gave me some odd advice. I wash coats for a local agency that gives out coats in the fall to people who otherwise might not have a warm coat for the winter. I make it a practice as I care for each coat to pray for the person who will wear it next. Alyson told me to treat “Susan” like one of my coats–with love. Now I think I shall forever think of a problem in terms of a coat! The ministry is called “Suds of Love.” Not a single one of us is perfect but we are forgiven.


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