Hallowed be Thy Name

Matthew 6: 9b. “. . .Hallowed be Thy Name.”

Glory always goes to God. Before we can expect or pray for mercy and grace from Him, we need to openly recognize Who He is, and what is His character. We need to recognize His perfection before we can ask to benefit from it. 

All our requests are to be made with the understanding that in the end, they are to glorify Him. 

We show clearly our adoration of Him by assigning glory to His Name.  Humility on our part is only common sense, when we consider Who He is and What He has done for us.  My friend over at The Mustard Seed Budget said recently that God loved us too much to hold back His Son from paying the penalty for our sin. That’s a powerful and humbling concept. All we can do is adore Him for what He has done.  Holy is His Name!


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