Another View on “Replacement Theology”

This is well-written and very informative.  I am not a Covenant theologian, nor a Reformed theologian, so there are some areas of disagreement; however, I think it’s important not to misunderstand this topic and not to misrepresent it.  So here’s another link for you:

4 thoughts on “Another View on “Replacement Theology”

  1. Abby C.

    Thanks for including this link. Not being a dispensationalist myself, I was confused by the “replacement theology” description given previously but the concept above is familiar territory.


    1. I try to be balanced 🙂 I’m glad I searched long enough to find this link. And of course, now I’m searching out the whole topic of Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism. I don’t think it’s going to change my position, but it never hurts to review what you think you already know!


  2. Michael Kreger

    Okay, I’m finally getting caught up on reading.

    This guy is more than a little defensive. Touchy, even. And disingenuous to an alarming degree. OF COURSE there is something called Replacement Theology. I have had arguments with its proponents. I have read quite a lot of their writings. Just because it is a bad theology doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    If this guy had dispensed (snirk) with the first few paragraphs, and begun with the third sentence of his “The Big Mistake” paragraph, I would have far less problem with him. But he had to set up a straw man attacking a straw man. Not good.

    He describes those (us) non-Covenant, non-Reformed people who oppose Replacement Theology as misinformed, witless, dishonest, unkind, wrong, divisive, incendiary, dishonest, offensive, inaccurate, pejorative, unsuitable, careless, misinformed, haphazard, with selfish motives, mockers, arrogant, and malignant.

    If only he had insulted me a few more times, he might have won me over. This reminds me of the Reformed guy who slithered into our church pastorate under false pretenses, alienated all of us, shut down what had been the strongest church in town, and then left the ministry entirely (the only good part of the story). He had the very same thoughts toward us, and wasn’t terribly shy about voicing them, if he thought none of us was present to hear it.

    This author then goes on to make the same argument against Replacement Theology that non-Covenant, non-Reformed theologians make. This has been described as “being in violent agreement.” So, if we’re agreed, except on the point of whether this bad theology exists (which reminds me of nothing more than a small child with his hands over his eyes, saying “You can’t see me!”), why all the abusive language through his opening paragraphs?



    1. I agree. He was defensive and accusatory. I think most of us are when our strongly-held beliefs are questioned. That is why I’ve made it clear more than once that my blog is not the place for those who want to debate, argue, and be ugly. Not what it’s here for.

      I also felt that his distaste for nomenclature was a little over-reactive, because really, what it still boils down to is that Israel has been replaced by the church (in that theology). However, my main objections to Covenant theology resides in two things: The Bible cannot always be literally interpreted; and a lot of OT prophecy has to be rewound to make the Church become “spiritual Israel.” But the two go together, I guess; non-literal interpretation gives them the freedom to do what they like with the kingdom, the church, the timing of the Rapture, etc.

      I’m sticking to the Dispensations. Makes so much more sense to me. I do, however, have to go back and clarify what I’m writing right now. I didn’t set it up clearly, and I don’t want people to be confused. So that will probably be my post for today, if I can sit long enough to complete it.


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