After lots of thinking, praying, and talking it over with Terry, I’ve decided not to open a new blog on the subject of depression.  Instead, I’m going to post a new category here on this blog called, of course, Depression. At least for now.  May change it later.  I’ll be posting approximately once each week on the topic. usually on Fridays.  Starting today. The title of the new post will be Spinning in the Wind. 

Stay tuned. 

5 thoughts on “Decision

  1. did and decided. I do know how to spell, just don’t always type right. Lately I also type a whole wrong word. My brain things one thing and my fingers to something altogether wrong. What’s up with that? Age? Once we post a comment, it is not possible to delete it.


  2. Glenda

    I’ll be watching for those topics, and will look forward to reading what you have to say on the subject. As for the wrong keys, my fingers tend to put letters in the wrong places, and I have to go back and change them around, such as the most common ones, “your” becomes “yoru” and “from” becomes “form.” Now, spellcheck will correct “yoru,” but it does nothing for “form,” so I just have to stay on my toes and watch for those! could be age, but could be a bit of that “brain damage” my doctor mentioned back in 1998 after I had a TIA. Well, whatever it is, it can be annoying at times!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!


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